Freeman PFL618BR Review – Best Flooring Nailer

For all the DIYers and those which are looking for help with small job, Freeman PFL618BR is like gift. As it is the best flooring nailer and it is compatible with three different type of fasteners – T-cleats L-cleats & staples and there is no need to change the magazine to use any of these types.

With it’s comfortable grip you can easily complete your work fast and you can add 120 staples or 100 cleats in magazine at a time and it’s long handle will make your work more easier. It’s a 3-in-1 pneumatic floor stapler and it comes with useful accessories. Like you get a durable case, rubber mallet, oil, goggles, wrenches and interchangeable face plates.

Best thing about this nailer is that it comes with 7 year limited warranty and customer service is really good. But for the professionals this is not the first choice but for the small jobs it can be used. It’s still a good choice for the casual use and at home workshop it can be used for sure. It can shoot both nails and staples so it’s really a good choice.

Freeman PFL618BR Review

Freeman PFL618BRFreeman PFL618BR comes in a sleek aluminum design and a hard case to carry the product easily. The package sums up with a while mallet, changeable base plates, aluminum magazine and 3 in 1 fastening system.

The nailer works with 15.5 gauge and 1-1/2 – 2 inches in length staples and 6 Gauge 1-1/2 – 2 inch T and L cleats. The aluminum magazine holds up to 120 cleats/staples making it good for long duration works without frequent reloads. The frame of the nailer is constructed out of durable aluminum so less chance of damaging the product at work site. Two composite base plates are also included of size 1/2” and 3/4″ which provides stability to product and even allows ease of work with different kinds of materials. The base plates also protect the flooring from getting damaged while working. The base plates are interchangeable and can be installed with different flooring sizes.

The driver blade is durable and strong, one-piece hardened steel, aluminum cylinder, high-quality rubber o-rings, and internal air filter. This complete set is durable and won’t cause any issues while working. PFL618BR is hard to resist choice in the current market situation due to the ability to nail both T, L cleats and staples on different types of flooring plus the price is really affordable considering top notch quality. Freeman packs up 7 years limited warranty with the nailer so no worries about the product getting damaged.

The nailer is though durable on one side but its bit heavy compared to the competitors. So if you are looking for some large-scale work requiring a large amount of nailing then this is the perfect choice for you.


Comfort Grip: The handle provides a comfortable grip and it does not vibrate while operating, so you won’t face any problems operating it.

Light Strike Bumper: Freeman provides a white mallet inside the box and the nailer requires a light strike to operate, so everyone can operate this with ease.

Sturdy Build: The body is made up of die-cast aluminum and the aluminum cylinder and rubber o-rings makes it last so long.

3 in 1 Design: As the nailer works with T cleats, L cleats, and staples. It can be used with a variety of operations with ease.

High Magazine Capacity: Freeman PFL618BR has a 2-inch extended magazine which provides a total capacity of 120 fasteners, so no more frequent reloads.

Interchangeable Base Plates:  You can switch between 1/4 inch and 3/4 inches depending on floor thickness to match the fasteners.

Anti Dust Cap: The anti-dust cap keeps the dust away from entering the nailer, thus ensuring a longer life.

1/4″ NPT Fitting: The pre-installed fitting ensures you don’t need to buy extra stuff and it works with most of the air hose coupler.

  • Supports T and L cleats and staples
  • 100-120 magazine capacity
  • High-quality O rings
  • Conformable grip
  • 7 Years Warranty
  • Jams sometimes.
  • Bit costly

Now it all depends on you how you gonna use Freeman PFL618BR. Because if you are professional and going to use it for your work then we don’t recommend you this. But if you are going to use it for home workshop or casual works then without any doubt you can go with it.

But If you still want some more options about Flooring Nailer then you must have a look at our top flooring nailers article. You will surely find the best one which suits to you and your profession.

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