Best Framing Nailer Reviewed – Guide to choose the perfect one

A framing nailer is a tool which is going to take the place of hammer if you are tired of using it. As using hammer is very hard and time consuming, So nailer will not only save your time but also your energy too and also it will make the task more easy.

By using a best framing nailer gun you can even do the work professionally and it will save time and energy. A nail gun aka nailer is a tool which you can use to drive the nails into wood, nail gun use air pressure to do the work. But there is no need to use your strength but you just need to choose the best framing nailer and rest the nailer will handle.

If you are a professional woodworker then you know that efficiency is a must but if you are doing it for just hobby then still you need to do the work properly and perfectly. So read the below nail gun reviews and choose one for the job.

It is okay if you never bought nail gun before as here I am going to review some the best nail gun. Check them below and pick one for you:-

Top Framing Nailer List

NailerPower SourcePressureNail Type
NuMax SFR2190Air-powered70-115 PSI21° 2"-3 1/2
BOSTITCH F21PLCordless-electric80-120 PSI21° 2"-3.5"
Hitachi NR90AE(S)Air-powered70-120 PSI21° 2"-3 1/2"
BOSTITCH LPF21PLAir-powered 80-120 PSI21° 2"-3 1/4"
Freeman PFR2190Air-powered60-115 PSI21° 2"-3 1/2"
Freeman P4FRFNCB Multiple ItemsMultiple ItemsMultiple Items

What is a framing nailer?

The tool which is used in the place of hammer to drive the nails into the wood or other surfaces called nailer. In simple words it’s a type of gun which uses compressed gas to drive the nails into different surfaces. Nail gun uses different type of magazines and it use compressed gas to do the work.

A Nail Gun help you to keep your hand safe while using hammer as sometimes you can hit your hand instead of hitting the nail. So if you use nailer then there will be no issue like that.

Also framing nailer helps to professional carpenters to get the perfection while doing the woodwork. It saves time, energy and gives the best finishing to your work.

Best Framing Nailer Reviews

So as you maybe got the idea what is a nailer and how to choose the better one, let’s start with the reviewing process. We hope you will get the best one so we reviewed the top rated and best framing nailer which will last for long time. These reviews are based on users ratings, affordability, quality and customer satisfaction. So you’ll get the better one for sure if you choose any of these reviewed below framing nailers.

1. NuMax SFR2190 21 Degree Framing Nailer

NuMax SFR2190 21 Degree Framing NailerComes with Dual trigger it allows you single or continuously firing. It comes with many useful features like as it has Depth adjust feature and also it has Anti-dry fire feature. Whenever you 5 nails will be remaining in magazine the Anti-dry fire will be on and there will no need to worry.

It uses 21 degree nails ranging in size from 2″ to 3-1/2″ plastic collated round head. Numax SFR2190 is perfect for framing and you can also use a framing nailer to install sub-floors, roof decking, wood fencing, sheathing, and more.

It comes with 360 degree adjustable air exhaust which keeps the air away from your face while working. It has no-mar tip which will protect your work surface from dents and dings and you’ll always get professional finish.

It’s handle come with great grip and it provides anti-vibration comfort. It’s a lightweight framing nailer and you’ll not face pressure on your arm while working with this nailer.


  • Dual-mode Trigger
  • Shoots 21-degree nails (2 to 3 ½ inch plastic collated round head)
  • Anti-dry firing mechanism
  • Ergonomic grip
  • Depth Adjustment
  • Power source: air-powered
  • Product Dimensions: 20 x 6.5 x 14.2 inches

  • Saves your arms
  • Adjustable depth
  • Light weight, ideal for vertical beams
  • Made with quality materials
  • Two triggers to easily switch between single and multiple fire
  • Easily drive a 3-inch nail through hardwood
  • 1 Years Warranty and 30 Day Wearable Parts Warranty
  • Some users said it’s not that lightweight
  • Anti-dry firing mechanism is not that impressive and reported to shoot blanks after 4-5 consecutive fires

2. BOSTITCH F21PL – Best Pneumatic Framing Nailers

BOSTITCH F21PL Round Head 1-1/2-Inch to 3-1/2-Inch Framing Nailer with Positive Placement Tip and Magnesium HousingBOSTITCH is best for professionals as it’s a versatile nailer and it can give you the best finish for sheathing, framing, bracing or flooring.

It can consequently drives 21 to 23 degree plastic collated round head nails from 1 ½ inches to 3 ½ inches. It comes with two quick-change nosepieces, converts to framing or metal connector applications.

It is made with lightweight magnesium housing and it comes with 1,050 inch-pounds of driving power. It has both sequential and bump trigger options and Fastener Depth Control.

It has integrated rubber skid pads and rubber grip, so the user will have a firm and comfortable grip on the nailer. The magazine of the nailer can accommodate up to 60 plastic collated 2” to 3.5” framing nails or metal connector nails of 1.5” to 2.5”. This nailer features a strong, lightweight magnesium body, quick-change nosepieces for plastic-collated and metal-connector nails, a 16-inch layout indicator, and more.


  • 1-1/2-inch to 3-1/2-inch framing nailer
  • Housing: lightweight magnesium
  • Patented push-button adjustable nail depth
  • Integrated rubber skid pads with rubber grip
  • Quick-change nosepieces for framing and metal connector nails
  • 1,050 in./lbs. of driving power

  • Very well built
  • Easy to drive nail without any incident
  • Works well with metal brackets
  • Fits well between frames
  • Adjusted head allows for switching between nail sizes
  • Little bit heavy
  • Will not fire if tip is depressed
  • Users said it kickbacks sometimes
  • Does not come with air connector
  • Jam when used in upside down position

3. Hitachi NR90AE(S) Full-Head Framing Strip

Hitachi NR90AE(S) 3-1/2-Inch Full-Head Framing Strip (Discontinued by manufacturer)

Hitachi NR90AE(S) is one of the most used framing nailer in carpentry. It is designed very well and ensure that it fits well in the hand of users. It equipped with a non-slip elastomer grip trigger so you can do wonder for your job.

Because of it’s simple flip actuation switch you can quickly transitions between sequential and contact nailing. Also it’s hardened claw tip reduces wear on the nose and minimizes slippage when toe-nailing.

Hitachi NR90AE(S) nailer is a heavy-duty nailer and it has an operating pressure of 70-120 PSI. It’s a lightweight framing nailer s it’s weight is 7.5 lbs and it is well-balanced nailer for ease of maneuverability and less user fatigue.

As it is made o high-quality it prevents overheating and allows the user to use it for longer duration. Tool-less depth adjustment dial allows the user to countersink or flush drive nails into a variety of materials without having to adjust the pressure at the compressor. This nailer is ideal for framing, floor and subfloor, roof decking, decking, truss and window build-up, wall sheathing and housing construction.


  • Non-slip elastomer grip trigger
  • Selective Actuation
  • 21° Angled Magazine
  • Tool-less Depth of Drive Dial
  • Hardened claw tip
  • Two-piece anodized aluminum magazine
  • Lightweight only 7.5 pounds

  • Well balanced and lightweight
  • Build with high quality materials
  • Suitable for both high and low volume projects
  • Rarely jams or misfires when using standard nails
  • Doesn’t leave deep imprints on hardwood
  • Well-designed
  • Not that good for softwood
  • Not oil free
  • They don’t provide oil for first use in the package
  • Sometimes nails jam if you drive like 3000 in one go but it’s easy to clear

4. BOSTITCH LPF21PL 21 Degree 3-1/4-Inch Low Profile Framing Nailer

BOSTITCH LPF21PL 21 Degree 3-1/4-Inch Low Profile Framing Nailer

Because of it’s low-profile design many users like it as it can fit in even tighter space too. BOSTITCH LPF21PL is performing perfectly for every user and that’s the reason it got positive rating from most of the users.

It has tool-free Selectable Trigger which allows you to single-drive or multi-drive mode with the flip of a switch. It is made of the most lightweight material and it is specially made to go in to the tighter space.

Internal Air Filter prevents harmful stuff  from entering the engine. It’s over-molded Grip provides all day comfort and a secure grip.

It got powerful engine to drive into engineered lumber with ease as it use 840 lbs of pressure and it can drive 2 inches to 3 ¼ inch easily in to any hard surface.


  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Can work in tighter space
  • Powerful engine
  • Adjust depth

  • No Jamming
  • Lightweight nailer ever
  • No misfire problem
  • Work on the hard surfaces with ease because of it’s powerful engine
  • Air exhaust cannot be adjusted or redirected
  • Not good If you want to use 3 ½ inch nails
  • It will not perform well in cold

5. Freeman PFR2190 21-Degree Full Head Framing Nailer

Freeman PFR2190 21-Degree Full-Head Framing Nailer

For 21 Degree full head nails Freeman PFR2190 is perfact framing nailer and it is best for wall sheathing, siding installations, subflooring, framing, building a fence and also assembling wood structures.

It is powered by compressed air, and it’s a pneumatic nailer and it is ideal for any heavy-duty job. You also get interchangeable triggers for single or contact firing.

It’s Adjustable depth for various applications will also help you to get the best finishing and no-mar tip eliminates damage to working surfaces.

It also has the anti-dry fire mechanism feature which activates with 5 nails remaining in magazine.

It’s a lightweight nailer and made of magnesium and anodized aluminium for enhanced durability. Cool thing is that it’s 360 degree adjustable air vent prevents the formation of moisture spots on wooden surfaces.  It’s Air Filter and Anti Dust Cap keeps the internal parts clean and ready to go even after storage.


  • Finger depth adjustment
  • One-piece drive blade
  • Anti-dry fire
  • No-mar tip and No-Slip Teeth
  • Fastener gauge: 8 to 10; Range: 2 inches to 3 ½ inches

  • Minimal Jamming
  • As it’s heavy so it reduce the kickback
  • Nicely built, rock solid
  • Comes with a nice pair of safety glasses, some oil and a few allen wrenches for maintenance.
  • Heavy
  • Sometimes fails to fire the last few nails
  • Reported air leak after few month of uses
  • Nails aren’t the easiest to put in the gun compared to other nail guns
  • Has a little more recoil than other nailers

6. Freeman P4FRFNCB Framing/Finishing Combo Kit

Freeman P4FRFNCB Framing/Finishing Combo Kit with Canvas Bag, 4-Piece

Every contractor’s dream is to get all the 4 most used nailers and luckily this combo kit comes with all these 4 nailers. It covers all of your framing and finishing needs and all the nailers are made of high quality.

Framing nailer is great for sub-floors, roof decking, basement remodeling, fencing, pallet building and so much more. You can choose between the angle finish nailer or brad nailer for fine-finish the jobs such as chair rail, cabinetry, crown molding, window casings and base boards.

It also contains the narrow crown stapler which is the perfect choice for decorative trim, cabinet backing, picture frames, crafts, and hobbies.

No doubt this combo kits comes with almost everything related nailers, which you need to tackle your project. This kit has framing nailer, finish nailer, brad nailer, and narrow crown stapler. It comes with a canvas carrying bag. You can check more qualities by click the below button or view on amazon snap in right side.

Note: This is not our choice to buy if you good to spend more money, if you have good budget then don’t go for it. Spend on the single framing nailer to get the best product.


  • Comes with 4 most used nailers
  • Made of good quality
  • 18-Gauge Brad Nailer
  • 15-Gauge Angle Finish Nailer
  • 21-Degree Framing Nailer
  • 18-Gauge Narrow Crown Stapler
  • Canvas storage bag with oil, wrenches and manuals
  • One piece, hardened steel drive blades reduce risk of internal failure.

  • 360 degree exhaust
  • Built-in air filter
  • No-mar tip
  • Great price for four nailers/staplers
  • Nail guns work very well
  • Made for last long
  • Sometimes Seal on trigger start leaking
  • So many complaint about broke gun

Features To Consider Before Buying

No matter what tool, appliance or thing you buy there are always some things and features to consider before buying. So in the case of buying framing nailer you also need to check for all the features which are going to help you in future.

There is no chance you want to spend your money on some crap which is only going to waste your time too. So looks for the features which are listed below and you can add yours too, but these are must.

Air Pressure

Every nailer comes with unique R volume and requirement of air pressure, so you just need to make sure that, the nailer you are going to buy is compatible with air compressor if you own any or if you are buying a new air compressor too. Because if you choose the nailer which is not compatible then nailer will not function properly. You will take care of this if you are going to buy pneumatic nailer.

Depth Control

It is the must feature you should look as if you have a control over depth then you can get safer job and also more accurate. There are models which will allow you to adjust the depth, up to which you want to drive the nail. It depends on the pressure too as more the pressure, deeper it will go. Some comes with gauge on the nailer itself, while some needs additional tool to adjust the depth/force.


You really need to look for the weight on nailer while choosing if you carry out a lot of construction work. Because you are going to carry around the nailer with you throughout the day. Sometimes you may face the carry out overhead framing jobs too which require you to raise the nailer over your head. This means that job is not for heavy framing nailer, so you need to consider the weight of nailer while purchasing.


After weight size also matters a lot as even if you get a lightweight framing naile but if you pick the wrong size framing nailer the you are going to suffer in future. As you may need to work in tighter space so in that case bigger size nailer not going to help so you really need to keep the size factor in mind while purchasing the nail gun.

I am sure you can adjust with the heavier (not too much) but bulky nailer will be the pain for sure. So choose wisely according to your work and don’t regret later.

Trigger Type

Basically nailers comes with two different types of triggers, Contact and Sequential. Most of the people avoid Contact ones as whenever nailer comes in the contact with anything it starts firing the nails, which is too dangerous.

On the other hand Sequential trigger requires you to press the trigger and also to depress the tip of the gun to fire the nail in to the work surface. So you should buy this one.

Head of Nails

There are two types of nails round head nails and clipped head nails. Now these days almost every where round-head nailed being used for the work as they are strong and can last long. Time of Clipped head nails is gone so while purchasing new nailer make sure to select the nailer which supports round-head nails as not all the nailers support all type of nails.

Anti-Dry Fire

Some times a nailer fires without any nails inside, this is what we call dry-fire. When it happens it damage the nailer and I am sure you don’t to let that happen. So if nailer has the anti-dry fire feature then nailer won’t face such issue. So look for anti-dry fire feature and nailer will never fire if magazine is empty.


Well you can not forget that, if you did sorry but you are fool then. Yeah this is true nailer is more safer as compared to hammer but still you should look for the more safety options in a nailer. As a framing nailer fire the nails at fire high speed so you should not take any chance.


So these are the best framing nailer at this time however we will keep updating the list if we get more framing nailer which will be able to deliver the best to you. So you can check us again and for now you can buy from these nailers.

If you are looking for a framing nailer that is sturdy and powerful, than the Freeman PFR2190 is  a good option.

If you want a budget friendly nailer which deliver like premium framing nailer then you can also go with BOSTITCH LPF21PL. It is a lightweight and low-profile nailer which fits in tight spaces too.

The best framing nailer can save you hours of time on your home projects or on the jobsite, and are worth every penny spent. So you should really buy one now and you can do it right from here. Just click on the nailer image which you want and then book.

Hope you liked the list keep visiting to get more options.

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