Best Finishing Nail Gun (In 2021)

Best Finishing Nail Gun

All the hard work that goes into a structural procedure ultimately results in the structure for something you get to complete of in a manner matched to your personal taste. Details such as siding, trim, crown molding and residential or commercial property landscaping options reflect who you are, and lots of people select to finish these kinds of tasks after the home builders have evacuated and left.

A completing nail gun is the perfect tool to help you finish the appearance you want, plus they are an exceptional alternative for other types of projects that might gain from the use of a nail gun. The best completing nail weapon is the one that supplies the power, and nail size, for what you need it for. Listed below we’ve provided a leading rated choice from which to examine.

5 Best Finishing Nail Gun Comparisons
BOSTITCH 15-Gauge 1 1/4- Inch to 2-1/2- Inch Angled Finish NailerBOSTITCH 15-Gauge 1 1/4- Inch to 2-1/2- Inch Angled Finish Nailer

Weight: 3.8-pounds
Power type: Pneumatic
Guarantee: 7 year limited

DEWALT 18-Volt Cordless 20 Degree Angled Finish NailerDEWALT 18-Volt Cordless 20 Degree Angled Finish Nailer

Weight: 8.5 lbs
Power Type: Lithium-Ion battery
Warranty: 3 year

BOSTITCH 20V MAX Cordless Straight Finish NailerBOSTITCH 20V MAX Cordless Straight Finish Nailer

Weight: 5.6 lbs
Power Type: Lithium-Ion Battery
Guarantee: 3 year

NuMax 16 Gauge Straight Finish NailerNuMax 16 Gauge Straight Finish Nailer

Weight: 4.5 pounds.
Power type: pneumatic.
Service warranty: 1 year.

Hitachi 1-1/4 Inch to 2-1/2 Inch 15-Gauge Angled Finish NailerHitachi 1-1/4 Inch to 2-1/2 Inch 15-Gauge Angled Finish Nailer.

Weight: 4.2 pounds.
Power type: pneumatic.
Service warranty: 5 years.

What is a Finishing or Trim Nail Gun?

DEWALT 18-Volt.

An ending up nailer is a specialized nail gun made to deal with a slightly smaller nail than what you may discover in more powerful designs. It is made to supply the driving force, and capability, to deal with the more delicate information of both inside, and outside your house. These are a popular option since they often are an excellent all around option with the capability to deal with heavier products, in addition to those that are lighter in nature.

These kind of ending up jobs need accurate nail depths and positioning considering that they remain in extremely noticeable areas. A completing task is a fantastic option for this, particularly if you have a variety of other tasks in mind. Brad nailers are also outstanding choices for fine, fragile work– especially for indoor finishing tasks.
How to Choose a Nail Gun For Trim.

Undoubtedly, not all finishing nailers are the same, nor ought to you treat them as such. You may wish to think about a few of the following questions to better assistance direct you towards the item you choose.

What sort of finishing work do you have in mind?

Outdoor vs indoor detailing may be quite different from one another, and require different nail lengths- as well as power behind the nail. Look over the requirements of your choices thoroughly to figure out which gun is made to manage the materials you are dealing with.

What other tasks do I want?

Will you be using your nail gun for other, future, tasks? If yes, consider what those might be and look to pick a tool that has variable capabilities to be more flexible in its usage. The majority of guns hold several nail lengths, and use the ability to switch in between firing techniques.

Am I intending on using a nail weapon frequently?

If the routine use of a nail gun is in your future, the investment is well worth it. However if you only require the gun for a couple of hours, or days, you may wish to consider a rental. Simply make sure to rent the weapon that can be utilized on the finishing work you need it for.
Top 5 Finishing Nailers Reviews.

The following finishing nail weapon reviews cover some of the leading ranked nailers based upon consumer feedback. Reduce of use, reliability, and general value are a few of the elements that assisted make these client favorites.

Best Finishing Nail Gun (2021)

BOSTITCH 15-Gauge 1 1/4- Inch to 2-1/2- Inch Angled Finish Nailer.

Weight: 3.8-pounds.
Power type: Pneumatic.
Service warranty: 7 year restricted.

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The well known, and reputable name, of BOSTITCH is a staple in the nail weapon industry. This 15 gauge angled ending up nailer offers several firing methods, and provides an option in between contact and consecutive. Pneumatically powered, this style packs a punch, and can shoot 1 1/4 to 2 1/2 inch nails, making it a good choice for different tasks. The straight load publication can hold up to 130 nails at a time too for longer working durations.

The weapon also boasts an adjustable nail depth control that assists avoid damage to delicate wood, and guarantee you have a tight fit. This makes it an outstanding choice for all kinds of trims and other in-depth tasks. A bypass nail pusher keeps the weapon from binding up and misfiring to keep you working. Plus, at only 3.8 lbs it is quite light-weight and terrific for tough to reach places.


Very simple to handle.
No nail jams.
Handles both light and medium work well.


Overtime may require to replace the firing pin.
Not as accurate as a 16 or 18 gauge.

Pro pointer.

This is a terrific choice for all sorts of work that needs to be finished off in a professional manner. Plus, the control you have over it is perfect for other job choices.
DEWALT 18-Volt Cordless 20 Degree Angled Finish Nailer.

DEWALT 18-Volt Cordless 20 Degree Angled Finish Nailer.

Weight: 8.5 lbs.
Power Type: Lithium-Ion battery.
Guarantee: 3 year.

Examine The Price.

As one of the most popular property owner brands associated with dependability, DEWALT is a power tool business worth considering. This 18 volt cordless ending up alternative is a powerful choice and can deal with approximately 120, 16 gauge nails in the straight load magazine of 1 1/4 to 2 1/2 inch lengths. The 20 degree angle offers excellent placement while you work for a balance grip. Plus, you get to pick in between a contact, or sequential shooting sequence.

An easy to eliminate nose piece allows you to clear jams quickly and effectively, an the LED light permits you to see in difficult to reach places or dark corners. As an electric cordless, it does include a complete set that consists of a battery charger, as well as a hard case for storage and defense. The fast battery charger can completely charging a battery in under an hour.


Strong and well balanced.
Remarkably effective.
Very accurate.


Slightly heavy.
Bulky for tight situations and takes some maneuvering.

Pro pointer.

Great for expert jobs in addition to weekend projects, this is a long-term tool produced deal with both soft, and difficult wood surfaces.
BOSTITCH 20V MAX Cordless Straight Finish Nailer.

BOSTITCH 20V MAX Cordless Straight Finish Nailer.

Weight: 5.6 pounds.
Power Type: Lithium-Ion Battery.
Warranty: 3 year.

Examine The Price.

Once again, the BOSTITCH business comes out of leading with their range of nailer options. The 20 volt cordless straight nail weapon model they provide can manage a 16 gauge nail at 1 1/4 to 2 1/2 inches in length. Several shooting approaches are also offered from which to choose, to help you work efficiently and rapidly on the job you want.

The specialized suggestion of this nailer is designed to supply you a clear view for those tough to reach locations. Plus, a bright LED light helps light up locations that are in shadow. The whole set comes total with gun, battery, charger, and an adjustable belt hook within a bag for simple storage.


Very light-weight and balanced.
Great battery life.
Gets into tight spaces well.


Safety switch takes getting used to.

Pro pointer.

This is another powerful nailer that works well in both expert and home settings. This tool is reputable and is an excellent choice for varying job types.
NuMax 16 Gauge Straight Finish Nailer.

NuMax 16 Gauge Straight Finish Nailer.

Weight: 4.5 pounds.
Power type: pneumatic.
Guarantee: 1 year.

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NuMax is s popular brand homeowners typically turn to for both dependability and cost. Their 16 gauge straight surface nailer offers an effective pneumatic punch to assist drive 1 to 2 1/2 inch nails into a variety of surfaces. Produced completing and trim, it also works well for kitchen cabinetry, baseboards, furnishings, and other numerous woodworking jobs. Plus, you can change for nail depth to offer a snug fit without worry of marking your work surface area.

A fast jam release keeps you moving along in the event you have a misfire or jam incident, and with a 100 nail capability, you can cover a great deal of ground in simply one load. The gun uses as consecutive firing sequence for exact setting of your nails for positioning and depth.


Strong and effective.
Light-weight and well balanced.
Rarely jams.


Needs periodic oiling.
Not for heavy duty usage.

Pro idea.

This is an ideal option for homeowners in need of a reliable nail gun for fundamental nailing jobs. It is a long lasting nailer at a good value for the requirements most people face around their residential or commercial property.
Hitachi 1-1/4 Inch to 2-1/2 Inch 15-Gauge Angled Finish Nailer.

Hitachi 1-1/4 Inch to 2-1/2 Inch 15-Gauge Angled Finish Nailer.

Weight: 4.2 pounds.
Power type: pneumatic.
Guarantee: 5 years.

Inspect The Price.

Hitachi is a powerful brand that both experts and homeowners turn to for a trustworthy product. With an integrated air duster to help keep your surface clear, you can drive 15 gauge nails of 1 1/4 to 2 1/2 inch lengths to secure a plethora of differing product surfaces. The angled publication helps get you into tight areas, and can hold up to 100 nails in each load. Plus, you can adjust for bump or consecutive shooting to help you get variable jobs done.

As a pneumatic nailer, it does require an air compressor and airline. Completely change for nail depth too, which deals with your air pressure and non-slip trigger for specific placement of the nail. This nailer is produced comprehensive work, and comes with a no-mar pointer, safety glasses, and a practical bring cases.


Effective and dependable.
Extremely adjustable for a wide array of jobs.
Extremely lightweight.


May shoot blanks.
Extremely loud.

Pro idea.

Great for anyone searching for a nailer that can take care of a wide array of tasks, this is a finisher that is well worth thinking about.

Although there are many finish nail guns from which to pick, some stand out more so than others. The products highlighted above are some of the most popular with property owners and professionals alike, however our preferred is the BOSTITCH 20V MAX Cordless Straight Finish Nailer due to the easy portability and maintenance. With a powerful force, this cordless version allows you to enter into tight spaces and protect your products with an option of firing techniques.